❕Bid a share

Be the one to grab the first shares through our bidding mechanism.

During the last minutes of Shares Generation Event, shares bidding will take place and allow users to reserve their spots to grab the first shares through offering a bidding price.

5 users who have the highest bids will be able to own the first 5 shares.

Find out more at Bid

Start bidding

Step 1: Go to the SGE section in Homepage.

If the time status shows as Ends in and the profile has blue border, it means that you are open for bidding.

Step 2: Go to the profile that you want to bid and click the "Bid" button.

Step 3: Choose the price that you want to bid and then click "Bid a share" to make your bid.

Users can choose either to enter a desired price they want to bid or choose the change percentage you want to bid at.

Step 4: Click "Complete Purchase" to confirm your purchase.

Step 5: Congrats! Now your purchase is completed!

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