Every contribution deserves to be rewarded, and so do yours
Introducing Point - a system designed to elevate your FanTech experience & reward active, positive-sum participation. Points can simply be understood as your certified footprints of engagement and activity within your social networths.
The more points you accumulate, the higher you're in the ranks of the most valuable users.

How to earn Points?

In order to earn points, just simply do eligible activities and engagement on platform.
To see which activities are eligible to earn points, please go to Profiles => Options (the three dot in the upper right corner) => Points => How to earn points.
Every day at around 12 am UTC, points are distributed accordingly in one epoch based on your activities.

How are Points calculated & distributed?

Points are evenly allocated, with a 50% distribution based on Holding Values, 30% based on (3;3) Holding Values and remaining 50% based on Activity Values.
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    What are Holding Values?
Holding Values translates to the amount of points you get in an Epoch, based on your contribution to the TVL (Total Value Locked), in proportion to the total TVL contributed by all other users.

Holding Values are made up of what your Shares Value along with your balance value, with the Shares Value carries 3 times the weight of balance value. The formula is:
Holding Values = Shares Value * 3 + Balance
In other words, holding shares gives users a bigger boost to their Holding Values, which equals a higher amount of points they earn per Epoch.
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    What are Activity Values?
Activity Values are the scores given to users for completing a list of tasks on fantech. The tasks are constantly updated to reflect platform changes, but in general they consist of buying new shares, being actively trading, and referring new users.
Check the "Activity Values" tab in-app to know which tasks are available, and which are they corresponding values.
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    Points distribution
Every epoch, the number of points in total that are given out is calculated using the formula:
Points = (Total TVL / 20)
Then, the points are evenly distributed, with 50% allocated to Holding Value and the other 50% awarded based on Activities Value.