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October 26th 2023
  • Updated: Notifications settings for finance interactions.
October 24th 2023
  • Updated: Notifications settings for social interactions.
October 23th 2023
  • Added: Pay-per-view contents on feed that allow creators to earn through people unlocking their contents.
  • Added: Pay-per-view contents in Direct Message sections.
October 20th 2023
  • Added: Gifting feature for comments.
October 18th 2023
  • Updated: UI tuning for profile section.
  • Fixed: Bug fixing for gifting feature.
October 17th 2023
  • Added: Gift feature that allows users to gift $MNT to their favourite creators.
October 13th 2023
  • Added: (3;3) section for Home menu with (3;3); (3;0) and (0;3) section.
  • Added: (3;3) section in Feed menu that lets you explore contents from people you do (3;3) with.
  • Fixed: Bug fixed for notifications system.
October 12th
  • Released: App center with built-in mini apps like DM, Lottery and Rock Paper Scissor.
  • Added: Setting menu for function settings like Notifications and Currency settings.
October 9th
  • Updated: Point UI and Point system.
  • Added: GM Mantle campaign that reward users with MNT tokens based on their points.
October 7th 2023
  • Added: Scheduled SGE that let users choose their desired SGE time.
October 6th 2023
  • Added: Profile tags for notable profiles.
  • Added: Permanent invitation code for influencers.
October 5th 2023
  • Added: Feed section that let user explore contents on with 3 categories: Now, Trending and For You.
  • Added: Gasless share activation for new shareholders
October 3rd 2023
  • Added: Featured SGE section that highlight notable SGEs.
  • Updated: Point system with new criterias and boosted point category.
October 2nd 2023
  • Added: Feed menu for content exploration.
  • Fixed: Price display issue for your holding shares.
September 29th 2023
  • Added: UI tuning that shows SGE in every section.
September 26th 2023
  • Added: Leaderboard with 3 categories: Creators, Traders and Whales
  • Added: 24-hour snapshot for trending section.
September 25th 2023
  • Fixed: Shares balance display in Chat section.
September 23rd 2023
  • Released: Mainnet version on Mantle Network.
September 21st 2023
  • Released: Testnet version on Linea Testnet.