Pay-per-view Content

Earn rewards by sharing exclusive and premium content on FanTech
Pay-per-view (PPV) content is a feature that allows FanTech creators to publish exclusive media and text messages that can only be viewed by other users after they have paid $MNT to unlock it.
The amount of $MNT collected is then divided between the content creator, their shareholders and the future $FAN token holders. During the early phases of the product, we will focus on more creator benefits to onboard active creators and a high-quality content base. Below is the planned distribution strategy:
  • Phase 1 (Currently applied):
    • 100% to the creator;
    • 0% to the creator's shareholders;
    • 0% to $FAN holders;
  • Phase 2 (Q1 2024):
    • 80% to creators;
    • 20% to the creator's shareholders;
    • 0% to $FAN holders;
  • Phase 3 (TBA):
    • 60% to creators;
    • 20% to the creator's shareholders;
    • 20% to $FAN holders;
Creating PPV content will also grant you FanTech Points. When a PPV post costs 5 $MNT or more, both you as the content creator and the user that just unlocked your content will gain points based on the following formula:
Point reward = 1 + (PPV price - 5) / 20
The points rewarded are capped at 10 maximum, so you cannot earn more than 10 points for each viewer. PPV posts below 5 $MNT are not eligible for Points rewards.
Currently, you can create and upload PPV content as a post on your feed, or as a Direct Message (DM) to another user.